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Yoga for Personal and Social Transformation

200hr Training: Welcome

Learn to...

  • Cultivate a strong, safe, and intuitive personal practice

  • Use yoga and mindfulness as a tool for self-awareness, self-care, and healing

  • Regulate your nervous system and build resilience 

  • Live courageously and compassionately in the face of difficulty

  • Deepen your personal and community relationships

  • Become a safe and healing presence for others

  • Teach Hatha, Hatha Flow and Adaptive yoga classes in multiple public environments

  • Develop a trauma-informed approach to teaching yoga in any setting

  • Teach yoga to marginalized groups and special populations

  • Hold space for all members of society

  • Use yoga as a tool for social healing and progress

200hr Training: About

Location and Schedule

All classes with be held at the Practice Yoga Church at 414 W Johanna St in Bouldin Creek

Starts January 5thth and ends June 3rd

Tuesday & Thursday Weekdays

  9 am – 2:45 pm  (45 min lunch break 12-12:45pm)

*Week off March 16-20 for Spring Break

200hr Training: About

Our Vision

Waking Yoga is a foundational 200-hour yoga training that fosters inclusion, self-authority, and body positivity.

We are a collaborative of seasoned yoga educators, therapists, and community activists who believe that yoga can be a powerful tool for personal healing and liberation as well as for the healing and liberation of society.

Our vision is to nurture trauma-informed yoga teachers who are active in their communities and beyond, guiding them to work mindfully with privilege and oppression and understand the nuances of their students’ races, genders, sexual orientations, bodies, and overall lived experiences as deep sources of individual and collective wisdom.

We will support you through four months of self-inquiry, yoga, and evidence-based mindfulness and somatic practices that will lead you deeper into self-knowledge and enrich your work in the world. In doing so, we will safely yet honestly explore raw conversations about our relationships with society, ourselves, and each other.

This training is an opportunity to make your healing and growth as a human your priority for four months. This experience will leave you more awakened to the world within you and the world around you. 

200hr Training: About Us

This training is for...

  • Beginning to intermediate yoga practitioners who want to strengthen their practice and intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice

  • Yoga practitioners who want to use yoga and mindfulness as a tool for well-being and stress management as well as for trauma resolution and resilience

  • Mental health clinicians who want to incorporate somatic work into their practice 

  • Yoga practitioners who want a foundation for a yoga therapy program

  • Yoga practitioners who want a foundation for conscious service work and activism 

  • Anyone who wants to create inclusive yoga classes and communities 

  • Anyone who wants to offer yoga in under-resourced communities who have not yet had access to wellness programs

  • Anyone in the helping professions who wants to work more consciously and sustainably

  • Anyone wanting to better understand themselves, society, and their humanity through the teaching and practice of yoga

200hr Training: About

You belong here.

View our info session here.

Space is limited to just 28 students

200hr Training: Welcome
200hr Training: Our Team

Jenn Wooten


Jenn is a certified yoga therapist and yoga educator who has studied yoga and mindfulness for over 20 years. She has been a teacher, mentor and group facilitator in the Austin yoga community since 2004. Her teaching style focuses on body awareness, functional movement, and resilience. The core of her teaching is helping people cultivate a yoga and mindfulness practice as a pathway for healing and wellbeing. She founded Waking Yoga which creates heart-centered and trauma aware spaces to practice yoga in Austin and around the world.

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